For Products

For Product:

1. Can your remote duplicator copy all kinds of remote controls?

Our duplicator can copy most of fixed code remotes in the market, but not all. There have some rolling code remotes, we need to check the remote is for door or for car, and to see whether we can crack. After cracking, then it can be copied.

2. What  is your MOQ?

Generally MOQ of remote control is 500pcs, but OEM/ODM project will be different, and we can accept trail order.

3. Your remote control prices are really high, I buy only 1.3 dollars from other supplier.

I know you have a wide contact ,and you certainly can get this price ,but please take the quality and service into consideration, not only the price. We are the professional manufacturer, equipped with brilliant R&D team ,complete QC system on raw material and best after-sale service for you .

So because this, our cost is higher than others, we can’t accept 1.3 dollars for any of our remote control.

4. How many models do you have?

We have more than 100 different remote case, then design the PCB according to different customer’s requirement. Every year, we will make new designs, some models we will apply patent protection.

5. Can you print our logo/brand name/company name/label on the products?

Sure, we can, please send details of which you want to print on the products. Also, tell us where you want to print the logo, remote case or PCB?

6. Could you erase your logo from the PCB?

Yes, but MOQ is 500pcs.

7. Can you design a new cover/mould for me ?

Yes, please send uss your detailed request about the new cover, for example, how many buttons, what kinds of buttons, materials etc.

8. What certificate do you have for your products?

CE and RoHS, these two are required for Europe, also, FCC for America, C-Tick for Australia.

9. Can you produce products which comply with CE regulations / directives?

Yes, all of our products can meet the standard. When you place order, please tell us again if you need the order comply with CE regulations.

10. What is the guarantee if I buy your products?

We have complete and strict QC system, can promise 98% product with good working, but if there have any problem with them in future, you can contact us in any time, we will provide after-sales service for always. We will bear the related costs if it is within two years.


  • 泉州奇诺电子有限公司成立于2009年,是一家集研发、制造、销售与服务于一体的综合型企业,可以为客户提供专业的OEM/ODM解决方案。优控与诺航是我们的两大自主品牌,汽车遥控器、汽车配件、开门机产品是我们主要的三大主线产品。
  • 我们生产车间有5133平方米,采用标准化无尘车间,从原材料入库开始到产成品出库,全程每一个环节都有相关的IPQC进行严格监测。那目前我们产线除了有SAP、MES的高效管理订单,还有先进的自动化设备,车间目前已实现85%的自动化生产。同时我们的产线采用的是U型小组模式,相对于一字型模式更高效。从客户下单到生产的每个环节,都有MES系统管理着订单进度,可以追溯到每个流程的生产进度、材料使用情况等。 可扫码观看奇诺公司工厂的3D展示哦!1
  • 我们公司拥有专业的研发团队,泉州研发部和武汉研发部两个研发部的工程师共计52人,其中软件工程师有30名,硬件工程师14名,结构工程师5名,研发文员3名,所有的工程师都拥有非常丰富的开发经验,并有独立完成与国内前端车厂多项配套项目。
  • 丰泽区城东街道育成基地A栋3楼